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Introducing Agri-Farm Products

A New Agri-Plastics Division! Feb. 24, 2021 – Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies is proud to announce their newest division, Agri-Farm Products. This new division will carry a large variety of daily management livestock products. Hanging feeders, troughs, watering equipment, feed and bedding carts, and hay feeders will be available for the cattle, horse, swine, goat, […]

Michelle Beier

New Calf Hutch Latch – Small But Mighty!

Tulare, CA, World Ag Expo – The NEW Hutch Latch keeps your calves and hutches secure and safe! It was a winner of the 2020 World Ag Expo Top 10 Products. This latch secures hutches, reduces stress and ensures the safety of calves. The Hutch Latch solves many problems for hutches that are located in stormy […]

Michelle Beier

Calf Care Innovations Announced at World Dairy Expo

Sidney, Nebraska • November 8, 2019 Agri-Plastics recently announced the debut of four new products at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. These products all were developed with farmer’s business in mind, as well as their livestock’s overall health and development. Buddy System Group Hutch: A three-part system that includes a modified Group Hutch, two exterior […]

Michelle Beier

Get them to lay in it… Not play in it!

  Studies show that the environment in which a dairy herd lives has a direct correlation with the herd’s health, comfort and milk production. Since the cows spend much of the day lying down and processing feed into milk, one of the most important factors is the bed that is used.  The Agri-Sand Saver™ Mat, which […]

Michelle Beier

Agri-Plastics introduces Flex Hutch™ for improved efficiency in outdoor calf housing

February, 02, 2018 Double Flex-HutchAgri-Plastics, an Ontario-based manufacturer of calf housing solutions, has introduced Flex Hutch™ for improved efficiency in an outdoor hutch system. “Flex Hutch makes it much easier to care for calves in two- and three-calf hutch systems” said Agri-Plastics Owner Darren VanBuuren. “Instead of opening three doors, one for each calf, for […]

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