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Protect your valuable calves with the world's toughest hutches

The VanBuurens know first-hand the challenges involved in raising healthy dairy calves. As third-generation dairymen they began experimenting with hutch designs to provide a healthier, more comfortable environment for calves while improving efficiencies for their business. In 1995, they founded Agri-Plastics to provide local dairy farmers with a better option for housing and caring for the next generation of milkers.

Over the years, Agri-Plastics listened and learned as other producers talked about their own calf housing challenges. And they responded with game-changing innovations that have since become industry standards. 


Today, Agri-Plastics hutches are prized the world over for their unique durability, efficiency and ease of use. But at the heart of it all is a family true to its roots, delivering proven calf housing systems for dairy farmers, by dairy farmers.

We understand the value of your calves, and we’re dedicated to helping you shelter your investment.

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