Flap Duct - Calf Hutch

Flap Duct

Pre-Engineered Ventilation Tube System keeps air flowing in any structure.
The FLAP DUCT® Ventilation System gives producers outstanding control over ventilation requirements for a customized solution that shelters your biggest investment—your calves.
Agri-Plastics understands that individual setups often need individualized solutions. With FLAP DUCT, the patented internal membrane can be adjusted up or down to adjust the airflow based on seasonal conditions with the simple flick of a lever. This system is particularly useful during the spring and the fall, when the days are warm and the nights cool. With the membrane in the up position, high speed air showers calves during warm weather. Simply move the lever down to adjust the membrane to the bottom of the tube to deliver slow, non-drafty fresh air during cold weather. Once installed, the membranes can be moved up or down to precisely control airflow based on your herd’s needs in every season.
blank• Easy, single-lever control
• Ideal for all seasons
• Customize airflow for your herd
• Adjust for warm or cold weather