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Press Release: Universal Grain Feeder

For Immediate Release
Revolutionize Your Feeding Operations with the Universal Grain Feeder

Sidney, Nov. 1, 2023 – We are excited to introduce our latest innovation in feeding the Universal Grain Feeder. This remarkable product marks a significant leap forward in providing precision, versatility, and durability for farmers seeking to optimize their grain-feeding operations.

Key Features of the Universal Grain Feeder:
Unparalleled Capacity: The Universal Grain Feeder is our largest capacity feeder to date, holding an impressive 33 lbs. of grain. With this substantial capacity, farmers can reduce the frequency of refilling and focus on other critical tasks.

Adjustable Feed Control Plate: Precision in feeding is paramount for livestock health and growth. The Universal Grain Feeder features an adjustable feed control plate, allowing farmers to fine-tune the feed rate and ensure their animals receive the perfect grain quantity.

Customizable Mounting Options: The bottom bracket of the Universal Grain Feeder is designed with multiple holes, including a slotted option, enabling farmers to tailor their mounting preferences to accommodate various opening sizes and mounting scenarios. This versatility sets it apart from other feeders, providing greater convenience for farmers.

Durable poly shell Construction: The Universal Grain Feeder withstands the rigors of demanding farm environments. Its composite construction blends metal and plastic, creating a robust and long-lasting feeder that withstands the challenges of daily use. This ensures a lasting investment for farmers.

Efficient Dimensions: Measuring 8.75 × 25.625 × 12.5 inches, the Universal Grain Feeder offers an efficient design that maximizes capacity without sacrificing space. This compact yet spacious design is ideal for a variety of farm setups.

“We are proud to introduce the Universal Grain Feeder, a product that addresses the specific needs of producer’s requests,” said Kyle VanBuuren, Product Designer of Agri-Plastics. “This feeder is a game-changer for grain-feeding operations. It not only offers unprecedented capacity and precision but also exceptional durability in challenging farm conditions. We believe it significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of feeding operations and reduces feed costs.”

The Universal Grain Feeder is now available for purchase and elevates grain-feeding operations for farmers across the industry. For more information or to place an order, please visit or contact us at or 888-231-3575.