NEW! Milk Bar™ Revolution Snap On Nipple

• Not Chlorine Compatible
• 5-slit opening controls milk flow
• Maximizes curdling
• Improves lactose absorption

• Prevents cross-suckling and aids rumen development
• Minimizes cross sucking and 
• Helps rumen development
• Buy online at; Bulk discounts available

Snaps on to bottles easily with unique rubber formulation 

The nipple is designed to stay securely in place allowing producers to carry bottles by the nipple

5 Slit opening controls milk flow speed which leads to better digestion

5 slit opening means the bottle can be placed at any angle without affecting milk flow speed

Milk Bar Revolution Snap On Nipple – A ground-breaking innovation for farms using bottle systems!  The Milk Bar Revolution has five slits positioned on a circle to control the flow no matter which way the bottle is placed.  Extremely durable with a superior life span compared to any other bottle nipple.  Calves drink at the right speed, produce lots of saliva and are very content after feeding.

NZ Pat Appln 781124 Patent Application
PCT/NZ2022/050096 International Patents pending.

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