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Outdoor Calf Housing

NEW! Dual XL Hutches

• For Paired Calf Housing

Another Industry First! Available in Deluxe or Rancher Styles. An affordable option for paired housing with ultimate ventilation control.

Rancher Hutches

• SSL • SL • EXL Sizes

Add extra living space with exterior fencing. Choose from a variety of feeding placements and accessories.

Deluxe Hutches

SL • EXL Sizes

All hutches come with ready to use bottom airflow vents, adjustable roof vent, and 3-in-1 rear door.

Flex Hutches

• 2-Calf Flex Hutch • 3-Calf Flex Hutch

Adjustable, hinged Flex-Roof Cover™ opens with one easy movement and Rear Doors can be open or closed for ventilation versatility.

NEW! Supreme Buddy Hutch

The Supreme Buddy Hutch has a removable center panel and a multi-position weather cover for added protection.

Group Hutch

Group Hutches are designed to ease the transition from individual to group housing, and to make it easier for your crew to provide the best care.