Outdoor Calf Housing


Rancher Hutches

For Single Calf Housing
Choose fron SSL, SL, or EXL Hutches. Add fencing for additional living space. Rear Door, Roof Vent, and Rear Vents comes standard.


Deluxe Hutches

For Single Calf Housing
Choose from SL and EXL Hutches. Rear Door, Roof Vent and Rear Vents comes standard. Choose either left or right side feeding door location.

Triple Flex-Hutch

2-Calf /3-Calf Flex Hutches

For Single Calf Housing
Adjustable, hinged Flex-Roof Cover™ opens with one easy movement and Rear Doors can be opened or closed for ventilation versatility.


Supreme Buddy Hutch

For Paired Calf Housing
A removable sliding metal gate keeps calves separated. Features Bi-swing front doors that hold feed/water. Multi-positional awning provides shade and protection.


Dual XL Hutches

For Paired Calf Housing
Another Industry First for Buddy/Paired Calves! Available in Deluxe or Rancher Styles. An affordable option for paired housing with ultimate ventilation control.


Group Hutch

For Group Calf Housing
Ease your calves’ transition from individual to group housing. Industry-first Swing Up Rear Door and Rear Vent comes standard. One-piece construction.