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The NEW Buddy Hutch Calf-Rearing System

Sidney, NE, June 19, 2020 — Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies, announced today the introduction of the new Buddy Hutch Calf-Rearing System – the most efficient, easy-to-work-with calf rearing solution. This modified Group Hutch works perfectly for paired newborn calves. By pairing calves together, stress is reduced and their overall health and development are improved. Benefits of […]

Michelle Beier

The NEW Ultra Flex-Pen™ – The Ultimate Indoor Pen Solution

June 1, 2020, Sidney, NE – Agri-Plastics, the Calf Housing Specialists, have been making calf hutches since 1995. The first product the VanBuuren family developed was an outdoor hutch made for one calf. Over the years, Agri-Plastics created a variety of outdoor hutches and expanded its product offering to include a variation that works for […]

Michelle Beier