Deluxe Calf Hutches - Calf Hutch

Deluxe Hutches

Single Calf Housing in 3 sizes

• Includes NEW All-in-1 Rear Door
• SSL Hutch for calves up to 4 weeks
• SL Hutch for calves up to 10 weeks
• EXL Hutch for calves up to 12 weeks
Our hutch systems are used by some of the world’s largest farms to shelter, grow and protect their investments. Our L Series features has unique, standard features such as our All-in-1 rear door, roof ventilation and a stay-open door. All of these ventilation options allow producers to control air flow and hutch temperature with easy-to-adjust vents. 
Includes: Side Door, 2 Pails, Double Pail Holder, Top Vent, All-In-1 Rear Door, and 2 Bottom Airflow Vents. Choose from either left door, right door, or full door opening.
Choose from a variety of feedings accessories such as the Plastic Bottle Holders, Bottles, or Front Feeding Door. To view all accessories, scroll down or click here.
Choose from 3 different sizes: SSL, SL, or EXL.

Feeding Options:

Confinement Options:

Fence Style Options:

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