Available in 2 or 3 Calf Options

For Calves 0-8 weeks old
Each Flex-Hutch can house two or three calves depending on your choice of configurations. The Flex-Hutch can be placed directly on the ground or it can also be mounted on an elevated slatted floor.
The sturdy plastic construction is easier and less expensive to maintain than wooden hutches while lasting up to four times as long, saving you time, money and headaches.
NEW FOR 2024! Use the Flex Hutch with our DryZone Slatted Floors and take your operation to the next level. Click HERE for more information!

Standard Features:

Flex-Roof Cover™ opens for maximum airflow and can be closed for protection during inclement weather.
Each Bay comes with 2 Pails and 2 Pail Rings.
Easy, one-step Rear Vent Control.

Flex-Hutch Accessories

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Flex-Hutch Photo Gallery