Transition Pens

Available in 3 different options

Standard Transition Pen System

For calves 6-20 weeks old
This system includes tough aluminum gate panels, two hook over troughs and front door gate. When it comes to moving or disassembling, these group transition pens are quick and easy. Agri-Plastics designed the Transition Pen System to pin together simply at the corners. 108″ Wide.

XL Transition Pen System

For calves 6-20 weeks old
The XL Pen system has the same features as the Standard Pen system – tough aluminum panels easy assembly, front door gate, and two hook over troughs. This pen is 30 inches wider, giving your livestock more outdoor space. At 138″ wide, the XL Transition Pen has an additional 480 sq. ft.

Rolling Transition Pen Systems

For calves 6-20 weeks old
With tough aluminum side panels and three mounted troughs, these pens are ideal for calves from 6 to 20 weeks of age.  This system is also compatible with Milk Bar Systems. Cut down on labor requirements without short-changing your calves with our efficient rolling pens. Cleaning is fast and simple — just roll the fence back and forth to get the job done quickly while causing minimal stress to your calves.


Sturdy Front Gate Panel
Tough Aluminum Side Panels
Metal Rods make assembly easy and quick
Additional rear gate adds 480 sq. ft.
(XL Fence Only)

Optional Feed Troughs:

Feeding Accessories:

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