Rancher Calf Hutches - Calf Hutch

Rancher Hutches

Single Calf Housing in 3 sizes

Includes All-in-1 Rear Door
• SSL Hutch for calves up to 4 weeks
• SL Hutch for calves up to 10 weeks
• EXL Hutch for calves up to 12 weeks
Our hutch systems are used by some of the world’s largest farms to shelter, grow and protect their investments. Our L Series features has unique, standard features such as our NEW All-In-1 rear door, roof ventilation and a stay-open side door. All of these ventilation options allow producers to control air flow and hutch temperature with easy-to-adjust vents. 
Feeding Accessories are optional which allows the producers the flexibility to choose what works best for their operation. Choose from a variety of feedings accessories such as the Single or Double Pails and Holders, Quick Attach Pails, Wire Bottle Holders, or Plastic Bottle Holders. To view all accessories, scroll down or click here.
Includes: Top Vent, NEW All-In-1 Rear Door, 2 Bottom Airflow Vents. Fence not included. 
Choose from 3 different sizes of Hutches with multiple fencing options: 4″ Grid Wire Fencing for smaller breeds, HD Fence (Heavy Duty) or Supreme Fence. The 4″ Grid Wire Fencing have 4 different cut out placements for feeding. See below. To view fencing, scroll down or click here.

Feeding Options:

Fence Style Options:

Bottle Holder Options:

Feeding Accessories:

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