Dual XL Hutch - Calf Hutch

Dual XL Hutches*

Double Duty Housing for Paired Calves


Dual XL Hutch: For Paired Calves

• Includes NEW All-in-1 Rear Door
• Available in Deluxe or Rancher Options
• For Paired Calves up to 8 weeks 

Life is a balancing act. We in the Dairy Industry have to be mindful of our marketplace. Many purchasers of our milk products prefer calves to be raised and prosper in an enhanced environment. Agri-Plastics has taken the lead in producing such a housing system. We have balanced cost-effectiveness and growth efficiency using a companionship platform. The NEW Dual XL hutch addresses the standards that govern us. The Dual XL Hutch boasts a larger inside growing area to achieve this efficiency and comfort. Our Dual XL Hutch supplies the space that allows calves to comingle at a young age. Buddying two calves in one hutch promotes companionship and competitiveness, which research has proven to help achieve optimal growth. Efficient growth = positive ROI. Couple these benefits with one of the best warranties in the industry and get a winning combination with the Dual XL Hutch. 
For the Dual XL Rancher Hutch, choose from multiple fencing options (not included): Grid Wire Fence with 2 Double Holders/Pail Kits, Grid Wire Fence with 4 Single Holders/Pail Kits or 4 Quick Attach Pails, or the Dual XL Supreme Fence.
*Patent Pending.

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