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New Calf Hutch Latch – Small But Mighty!

Tulare, CA, World Ag Expo – The NEW Hutch Latch keeps your calves and hutches secure and safe! It was a winner of the 2020 World Ag Expo Top 10 Products. This latch secures hutches, reduces stress and ensures the safety of calves.

The Hutch Latch solves many problems for hutches that are located in stormy or windy areas. Strong winds can move the hutches, which causes management delays when employees are cleaning and feeding. High winds causing hutch movement also puts stress on the young calves. In addition, high winds can rip the hardware off the hutch, causing additional damage. And when you consider hutches moving every 60-90 days, taking the cable in and out with a small pin can be a chore, especially in colder temperatures.

But with the Hutch Latch, all those problems are solved! This unique Hutch Latch is securely attached to the top of each hutch with a strong backing plate, four carriage bolts, and flange nuts. A steel wire rope runs the length of the row of hutches and is locked in place by The Hutch Latch. A simple release lever allows easy removal of the cable, but this lever also securely locks in position so that the cable will not be released during inclement weather. It’s quick and easy and ensures the safety of your livestock and equipment. 

To see this latch in action, along with other new innovations at World Ag Expo, click this link for our Agri-Plastics The Calf Housing Specialists facebook page live video.

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