Calf Hutch Accessories

NEW! Buddy Hutch Weather Cover Extension

Provides protection from inclement weather. Stores inside the Buddy Hutch Awning. Slides out and down to cover door opening. Dimensions: 52.25″  L x 19″ W / 135.2 cm L x 48.3 cm W.

NEW! Hutch Latch

Measures 2 5/8″ x 4″ x 2 1/2″. Keeps calves and hutches secure during inclement weather. Quick attach/release latch means no more D-Pins. For all hutches.

Click here for a Hutch Latch PDF Sell Sheet.

Front Plastic Pipes

Keeps calves inside their hutches. For all hutches.

Front Feeding Door

For SL & EXL Calf Hutch.

Hinge Storm Door

The Storm Door will stay open against the wire fence. For the SL Calf Hutch.

Snap-In Storm Door

Protects calves from the elements. For all SL & EXL Hutches.