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Let’s chat about milk. 🥛

There are a lot of folks out there who like to spread false information about dairy. They might say “milk is bad for you” or “it is full of antibiotics.” To top it off, they like to accuse me and other farm families of poor animal welfare practices.

It drives me crazy because I know how hard my family works to care for our animals, and to produce a safe, quality product for our family and yours. Dairy farmers work long hours every day to ensure their cattle have the best of the best. We work with veterinarians, nutritionists and many other experts in an effort to sustainably raise a healthy animal.

Let me tell you what is NOT in your milk; blood, pus, antibiotics, manure, and extra hormones. From the dairy to you, milk goes through strict quality controls to ensure safety, freshness and great taste.

Cow’s milk is simple and natural. It contains essential nutrients including calcium, potassium, protein and phosphorus; plus, its fortified with vitamins A and D. It is an excellent source of protein that helps build strong muscles for your active lifestyle.

Maybe you don’t like milk or maybe you are lactose intolerant. That is fine; there are plenty of other options in and out of the dairy case. For me and my family, milk is an affordable, healthy and safe way to get the nutrients we need to be rock stars at life. Bonus: milk comes from super, awesome dairy farmers like me!

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