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Caring for Calves in Cold Weather

Jan. 14, 2022 – Agri-Plastics was proud to sponsor the Hoard’s Dairyman December Webinar, Caring for Calves in Cold Weather. Sarah Morrison from the Miner Institute discusses 5 different areas of cold weather care for calves:

  1. Newborn Management
  2. Colostrum
  3. Feeding Management
  4. Housing Design
  5. Housing Management

In this webinar, Sarah discusses a number of different ways to help calves thrive in colder temperatures. Young calves are the most sensitive to cold weather, which begins at only 59°F / 15° C. Various studies and data points help support and explain how producers can help calves thrive during their pre-weaning stages in colder weather. She discusses topics such as ideal amount of fat intake, how calf housing creates a microclimate, and ideal nesting scores. 

Watch the video here, and also view/download the Webinar Touchpoint PDF.