Fencing Accessories

NEW! Supreme Fence

Heavy-duty aluminum frame. Reinforced corners. Bi-swing front door. Can hold bottle, bucket or grain feeder. Hinged connection to hutch allows for fence to lift up, or hutch to lift up for easy cleaning. View a demo video of the Supreme fence here:


NEW! Double HD Front Panel

Includes pail rings. For Buddy System Group Hutch

Calf Fence Panel

Made from 1/4″ dia. galvanized steel.
Measures 42″ H x 72″ D x 48″ W. For all hutches.

HD Front Panel

Includes pail rings. For all hutches.

6' Wire Panel

For use with the HD Front Panel. For all hutches.

Fence Attachment Hardware

Includes metal bar, neck strap, chain and eye bolts for mounting. For SL, SSL & EXL Calf Hutches.

Tether Bar Kit

One calf 3L / 0.79  US Gallon.

4-in-1 Supreme Fence: Pens roll back and forth for easy cleaning

1. Fence extended out for extra living area. (shown with optional wheel kit)

2. Fence pushes in to the hutch. (shown with optional wheel kit)

3. Fence lifts up. (shown with optional wheel kit)

4. Tip the hutch up for easy transport. (shown with optional wheel kit)