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New European Hub

December, 17, 2013

Business is stronger than ever in our International markets.  With record breaking sales in Europe this past year, our Director, Darren Vanbuuren, wanted to take the time to visit with some of our dealers in Europe to ensure that the factory was doing everything they could to support the increase in sales.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Darren flew over to meet up with our sales representative Noel Kelly who had a very busy itinerary planned for the two of them! Together they meet and visited     dealers.  One of their stops was at Handelsonderneming van Spijker, who has been representing our brand as a dealer for     years.  Due to this year’s increase in sales, Handelsonderneming van Spijker has agreed to become our European Hub, warehousing our complete line of agricultural products.  This will greatly help to improve the availability of our products to some of the smaller clients across Europe.

Meeting with our dealers’ one on one gives Agri-Plastics the opportunity to learn so much about all aspects of dairy farming in other parts of the world and how they use our products.  This gives us the tools we need to continue to be innovative and provide the very best products our customers can rely on for years to come.

For more information on Handelsonderneming van Spijker please visit their website at http://www.handelsondernemingvanspijker.nl/