New Distribution Center for Agri-Plastics and Agri-Comfort - Calf Hutch

New Distribution Center for Agri-Plastics and Agri-Comfort

Here We Grow Again!

January 11, 2021 – It’s been an exciting and busy week for Agri-Plastics! We now have a new Distribution Center so we can better serve our customers. Our new Distribution Center for Agri-Plastics and Agri-Comfort is ideally located in the Dairy Capital of Canada – Woodstock, Ontario! With over 9,000 square feet, Agri-Plastics now has room to grow its expanding line of Calf Housing, as well as the expanded line of Cow Comfort Products from Agri-Comfort.

With an expanded line of Accessories, Ultra Flex-Pens, and the updated Buddy Hutch Rearing System, Agri-Plastics is prepared to serve its loyal customers with the newest innovations for calf care and housing.

And with the expanded line of Cow Comfort products like DRI Slat Rubber, Agri-Interlock Mats, and Kurtsan Cow Brushes, Agri-Comfort can improve the comfort for cows as well as helping grow profits for dairy farmers worldwide.

Our new address is 1154 Parkinson Road, Woodstock, ON N4S7W3.
Here’s to 2021!

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