All In 1 Rear Door - Calf Hutch

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All-in-1 Rear Door

At Agri-Plastics, we believe calf health is a top priority. Our hutches come standard with an adjustable roof vent, rear vents, and our new All-in-1 Rear Door. By having the ultimate control in ventilation, a producer can make sure their calves thrive in a variety of conditions.

Old 3-in-1 Door

Agri-Plastics designed their industry first 3-in-1 Door to be farmer and calf friendly. It could be closed for weather protection, had a grill vent to control ventilation, and opened fully to add bedding, feed or water. And the integrated top eyebrow ledge helps direct rain away from the hutch.


NEW All-in-1 Door

We redesigned the door, increasing the air flow capacity by 82%. This multi-functional door also has 30% more access for bedding and feed when fully opened. For complete weather protection, the flap on the door can be fully closed and locked with a sliding metal latch. The integrated eyebrow ledge directs water away.

Large opening for Feed Access
Large opening for Bedding Access

Breathe easy from a door with more

• Door closes for complete weather protection

• Lift the sliding metal latch to lower the door cover and increase ventilation

• Vertical ribs provide calf safety and durability

• Entire door hinges over to expose a larger 21″ opening to add bedding or rear hutch feeding

• Comes standard on all Hutches

• New door can be retrofitted to existing SL, EXL, and Dual XL Hutches!

• If you have an Agri-Plastics Hutch and want to retrofit a new rear door, installation is simple. First, remove the existing rear door and use a template to cut out a larger rear opening. Then attach the All-in-1 Door to the hutch with supplied bolt and nut. 

Fully Closed for Weather Protection

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