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A Year in Review

January, 10, 2017

Agri-Plastics has been very busy with a lot of exciting things over the last few months. Since Empire Farm Days we have been so many other different shows over Canada, The USA, and Internationally. We have also been busy coming up with new innovative products for your farm.

But First Farm Shows!
Canada Outdoor Farm Show

cofs-1 cofs-2 cofs-3

World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo was an exciting for us this year because we introduced the brand new Flex-Pen System. It created a lot of buzz throughout the show and was definitely the thing to see! It was also the 50th anniversary of World Dairy Expo and we love being here. Also at World Dairy Expo this year we did some live shows from our booth on Facebook so everyone could be apart of the action!

worlddairyexpoday2 worlddairyexpo1 worlddairyexpo2 worlddairyexpo3 worlddairyexpo4 worlddairyexpo5 worlddairyexpo6

Euro Tier

Then pretty much right after World Dairy Expo, there was Euro Tier which only runs every two years! This show was especially exciting because we built this amazing booth and had hutches on the top part of our booth! Certinally a huge impact. We got to show off our Flex-Pens and Starter Pens and all of our other great Agri-Plastics Products!

eurotier-crevastaff eurotier-1 buildingthebooth eurotier3 eurotier2

Some other farm shows Agri-Plastics was in this year are: Expo Prado in Uruguay, SPACE in France, Farm Science Review in Ohio, National Ploughing Championship in Europe, and the AgroShow in Poland. *To check out more shows we are going to be in for 2017 please visit the Trade Show Page.

Now onto new products
Starter Pen


The new Starter Pen comes in 3 different styles: The Starter Pen, The Elevated Starter Pen, and the Movable Starter Pen. Each on has their own unique style that will fit into your operation.


The Flex-Pen


The Flex Pen is out news innovation yet! This new pen has single and group housing. We wanted to create a new unique product that was easy and practical to use. All you have to do is remove the centre panel and you have group housing. For more information on this product please click here.

calvesinflexpen flexpencalves

Heres to a great 2016! I know everyone here is looking forward to what a bring new 2017!