2021 PDPW Business Conference - Calf Hutch

2021 PDPW Business Conference

Hitting the Tradeshow Road again

March 16, 2021 – It’s been a while since we’ve been on the road. Conferences and Trade Shows are happening in a few areas and we will be attending a few this spring.

This is one of our first conventions! We are attending the 2021 PDPW Business Conference at the Kalahari Resort and Conventions in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Agri-Plastics, The Calf Housing Specialist will be sharing the booth with Agri-Comfort. They are displaying our newest and most popular products for both calf-raising and cow comfort.

Along with the Indoor Pens and Outdoor Hutches, Agri-Plastics is featuring the new Quick Attach Pails and Agri-Farm Products Feed Troughs. Quick Attach Pails have a clip that locks the pail on a wire fence, which keeps it from getting spilled or knocked off. And Agri-Farm Products Troughs is our newest division. These durable products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are convenient, and easy to use and clean.

The Kurtsan Cow Brush, and DRI Slat Mat, and the Smart Slurry Aeration System are new products as well. The Kurtsan Cow Brush is a great way to keep cows clean and relaxed, and the Smart Slurry Aeration System his a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping slurry in a homogeneous pumpable state that is always ready to spread, 365 days a year.

Check out our updated Events page to see if we will be in a town near you!