Drop-In-Go Wire Back Indoor Calf Pen System

Drop-In-Go Wire Back

Indoor Calf Pen System

Agri-Plastics’ Drop-In-Go  Wire Back Pen System has the most airflow of  any Wire Back Pen System on the market.  It is quickly  becoming a very popular model.

The Wire Back features a galvanized poly coated wire panel. This system is best utilized in buildings with insufficient ventilation.  Opening the rear panel of the calf pen enables better airflow for the calf’s environment.  Also, with the Wire Back Pen System, bedding from the rear can be done with ease and no obstructions.


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Drop-In-Go Wire Back Indoor Pen








Also available: Euro Model – Drop-In-Go Wire Back Pen


Other Great Features:

  •  Unique interlocking tongue in groove system makes for quick and easy assembly
  • Easy to clean and lightweight
  • The fastening system also allows you to dismantle units in minutes
  • Does not promote the growth of bacteria or spread disease
  • Pin holder storage – “No more dropped pins” Adjustable door
  • Separate water and feed buckets which prevent contamination
  • Euro model available and is designed for European Standards
  • Bedding Stopper option contains bedding inside the hutch





Suggested Layouts

Wire Back Drop-In-Go Pen System

SingleRowInfoGraphic WireBackRowInfoGraphic