Deluxe EXL Calf Hutch

Deluxe EXL Calf Hutch

(Extra Large)

Agri-Plastics Exl Hutch has been a market leader for over 18 years. This calf hutch is designed for longer growth periods of 8 to 12 weeks of age. It gives better protection from wind, rain and snow in colder climate. The rear of the hutch stays dryer and warmer on cold days. Options for feeding include side and rear feeding. The EXL Calf Hutch includes a manger, two buckets, Top Vent, Rear 3-In-One Door nd bottom Air Flow Vents.

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 Other Great Features:

  • Manger has built in splash guard to prevent cross contamination
  • White bucket: Calf starter usage will begin in 1-2 days vs. 4 days for black buckets
  • comes with 2 rugged poly buckets
  • Mangers feature bucket stoppers which prevent buckets from getting knocked out
  • Molded from super strong, heavy gauge plastic
  • Completely opaque
  • Left or Right offset door or full cut out for warmer climates
  • All doors have a stay open feature that locks into place
  • Includes Top Vent, 3-in-One Rear Door & Bottom Air Flow Vents


4-In-One Supreme Fence

A unique sliding fComingSoonOutlinesence system that allows you to keep the calf inside when you are cleaning the outside pen area. The swivel wheels allow you to transport the hutch with ease.  Simply flip up the hutch and go!

Coming Soon for SSL and EXL Calf Hutches. Currently available for SL Calf Hutch.

Available Accessories: