Calf Hutches

The Best Calf Hutches

on the Market

Available in 6 Different Styles

Deluxe SSL Calf Hutch, Deluxe SSL Calf Rancher System, Deluxe SL Calf Hutch, Deluxe SL Calf Rancher System, Deluxe EXL Calf Hutch & Deluxe EXL Calf Rancher System

Seeing the things in our daily routines and by talking to other farmers we saw the need to supply the farming community with a line of products that not only saved time, but also improved the health of the livestock and were built to last.

Our Calf Hutches answered that need.

Built tough enough to handle the most demanding operations, and backed by a 10 year warranty, a Calf Hutch from Agri-Plastics is the only serious choice.

The Calf Housing Specialists.

Calf Hutch Line Up

Space Saver Calf Hutch

SSL Calf Hutch

SL Calf Hutch

SL Calf Hutch

EXL Calf Hutch

EXL Calf Hutch









SSL Calf Rancher System

SL Rancher System

SL Calf Rancher System

EXL Rancher System

EXL Calf Rancher System