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Agri-Plastics Is Growing Again With The Purchase of Another New Rotomolding Machine

July, 30, 2015

Agri-Plastics_AGroupOfComapniesAgri-Plastics will be installing a brand new Rotoline Carousel style rotational molding machine in early August!

The owners of Agri-Plastics are very excited to be adding this new Rotoline 3.6 machine to their ever expanding Stoney Creek facility. The Rotoline 3.6 will be the largest machine at the Stoney Creek location and the second largest machine in the company. It will have 3 arms that move circularly on a central axis throughout the different stations of the process. Independent stations reduces the downtime of the machine, increasing the overall productivity rate.
The Rotoline 3.6 rotational molding machine is also equipped with RWTC. This system measures the temperature of the mould in real time. The temperature reading is integrated into the machine’s software, allowing more accurate control of the oven time and the control of the cycle time by mould temperature. Overall this will reduce the plant’s carbon foot print and increase process control.